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5 signs your job is causing you too much stress! 

Working is a part of our daily lives, but for some people, their job is causing intense stress. Is it really worth it?

Stress is one of the number one causes of death, thus we must take care of ourselves.

Here are five signs your job is causing you too much stress.

1. You are not getting enough sleep. Our sleeping habits are a clear indication regarding our stress levels. When feeling overwhelmed or worried, our sleeping pattern becomes disturbed, and our body is unable to recover, opening the door to increased stress levels.

2. You are not present. If you are not at work but perhaps at a social event and you are thinking about work, this is a sign your job is stressing you out. You should be able to enjoy your evening without thinking about whether you sent that email to your manager. When your mind is not in the same location as you, this increases your stress levels.

3. You are dealing with micromanagement. The worst feeling is going into work and feeling like the people you work with bother you. You sense you are unable to do your job to its full potential because you have someone observing your every move, ready to correct you at any given moment. This behaviour will ultimately have an impact on you and if not addressed, will cause you to feel extremely stressed.

4. You talk about work all the time to people who do not know who you are referencing. You are trying to get the weight off your chest, that is understandable. Perhaps you are sharing your work problems with a partner or your friends. It is good to talk; however, the continuing nature of this is a clear sign of discomfort at work. If you can't stop taking about your job outside of work your mind is troubled. If you find you are frustrated often at your job, you should talk to a professional.

5. Your timing is off!

Have you found yourself getting into work late and dreaming of leaving early? Continuous lateness is a sign of being unhappy at your job and the rushing around to get to a place you dislike will ultimately cause you to feel very stressed.

If any of these signs relate to you, you can book coaching sessions click on our book online tab. These sessions will help you overcome these challenges, helping you to manage your stress levels at work.

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