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Feedback I’ve Received

Great to have Colleen at the Civil Service  Colleen contributions have helped to facilitate change within our team and we look forward to continue working with her.

Colleen taught a lecture at Kingston University on her Master research Narratives of black women and their experiences of on racial micro aggressions in the workplace. I want to start this by congratulating her for being ‘brave’ to engage with a topic of this nature. The outset of the study in this regard is not only informative but equally thoughtful in a way of articulating the purpose and direction of the study.  It is also critical and reflexive, in the intersectionality and postcolonial tradition. It is finally relevant as in today’s world we are faced with behaviours that are deemed inappropriate towards, especially women, minorities. Great work Colleen.

I have never done 1:1 coaching before so I didn't know what to expect, however meeting Colleen made the experience a lot easier. I find her style so unique and she has a way of making you feel so safe and comfortable. I am having regular coaching sessions  with Colleen to help boost my confidence at work.

I had the pleasure of working with Colleen recently and can honestly say that her contribution greatly enriched the discussion and the final product. I look forward to working with her again in the future


I have found Colleen to be warm, welcoming, perceptive and purposeful. On matters of mental health and wellbeing, she is passionate and knowledgeable. Being interviewed by Colleen on her online show, @weareunspoken was such a delight. I found her to be quick, witty, sensitive and intuitive, facilitating a great product that resonates with many. I look forward to collaborating with Colleen again in the future, and, I heartily recommend her.

Such an informative and well-structured webinar. Thank you for a great session highlighting the different ways that racial microaggression can manifest in the workplace. It was certainly an eye-opener. More importantly, I found the insights and learning invaluable and well worth the investment.

Colleen offered a wonderful overview on the theme of racial micro aggressions. Highlights included a detailed breakdown of the different strands of micro aggressions and how they might be manifested, along with personal insight into why such behaviours and attitudes have a corrosive impact, as well as practical individual and organisational steps to ameliorate these aspects and achieve a more positive cultural environment. 

Colleen taught a lecture on dissertation recommendations for students. She shared insight into how to succeed during the dissertation process and the students found her session extremely beneficial.

I am in my early 30’s and not knowing what career to pursue I felt quite lost when I contacted Colleen. She has helped me become aware of my strengths and has assisted me with my weaknesses. The sessions have built my confidence, and have narrowed down the career paths to help me enjoy the work that I decide to pursue. 

I attended the workshop Colleen created on Racial Micro aggression at work it was amazing and I have now started a MA in mindfulness studies I hope to look at how it can be used in healing for black people and women in particular. I feel that Colleen inspired me with her videos and her workshops  to look deeper into healing for black women so Colleen I want to thank you.

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