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A gudie to self reflection 

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Presented by Organisational Psychologist Colleen.

Colleen created a guide specifically aimed at white women who are committed to being anti racist in our society. The guide aims to provide  healthy conversation and acts as a self reflection guide. This guide can be purchased for £158 by clicking on the 'buy now' button below. You can purchase this guide from anywhere in the world. By exploring your own identity you will experience a new perspective and an understanding of your own emotions when interacting with women who are not racialised as white, particularly in a workplace setting. 

In this guide you will 

  • Gain insight into yourself and your views as a woman about race 

  • Challenge your ideologies about race 

  • Help you understand your own thoughts about racism

  • How to improve or form healthy relationships with black women

  • Reflection exercises to support you along the way 

  • A free consultation to discuss the guide  giving you further tips and tools to guide your anti racist journey.

Please complete the order form below so your guide can be sent to you. Please make your payment in Great British Pounds

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