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Workplace bullying, enough is enough!

Recent reports have shown that teachers are quitting the profession due to bullying. When thinking of the school environment, it would be easy to assume that the pupils would be experiencing this and while we know bullying happens in the playground, it is also taking place in the staff room at a rapid rate.

Teachers are under a lot of pressure, with many having to take work home. Recently I bumped into my old childhood friend who shared with me she is now a teacher. She mentioned she loved it and how rewarding it is but that she gets to school at 7 am and leaves at 7 pm and then continues working until 10 pm every night. I paused; I couldn't believe it. Where does she find time to unwind and relax, and while bullying wasn't occurring in her school, the stress of being overworked was taking a toll.

But, how do adults handle bullying? Historically bullying is often attributed to teens but workplace bullying is a serious issue that is damaging peoples lives, and it seems the school staff room is the new playground.

I have carried research into racial micro-aggressions in the workplace and the impact this has on wellbeing, you can find out more about this research here. Recently, I have been working with a teacher to help them as they too are experiencing workplace bullying in the form of racism and harassment. I hold professional support sessions with them, and through our meetings, it is clear that not enough is happening to change this culture, so they have decided to take it into their hands and seek support.

The NASUWT has shared data which found that 4 out of 5 teachers have experienced bullying in the past year. The teachers' unions have found that workplace bullying is destroying the lives of teachers, leaving many to feel depressed, anxious, lacking in confidence and many have resorted to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. The recent survey showed that out of almost 2,000 teachers 80% had been a victim of bullying with senior leaders, and head teachers involved in the bullying cases. Teachers are unsupported, and schools need to take action.

As a Business psychologist, I aim to help improve work surroundings and if you are a teacher or you are currently experiencing workplace bullying firstly, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, and you are not the problem. Take back your control and your voice. You can overcome it, and if you don't know how to, let me show you, because you deserve better. You have worked too hard to gain your qualifications, spent your time and money not for someone to destroy your wellbeing It stops today. Enough is enough.


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