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How the Coronavirus is reminding us all how preposterous discrimination is.

The CoronaVirus, aka Covid- 19, is spreading fast, and it does not care who is in its way. You could be one of the most handsome men on the planet (Idris Elba) or a part of the Royal Family (Prince Charles) either way this virus does not discriminate yet people still do. We have had political leaders calling the virus 'The Chinese Virus' which is absolutely appalling, fueling racial rhetoric.

Yet, how is it that a killer virus is on the Earth and it isn't racist? This virus is forcing us all to stay in our homes. No matter your race, age, gender, this virus is out for humanity. We live in a world where organisations, systems and structures encourage humans to behave and believe in a false reality that breeds discrimination. If you are not on the brunt of that, you may be inclined to say there is no problem, because well for you it is not a problem, but that does not mean your learned psychological behaviours are not a problem. The idea that one group is more superior than another has plagued our society for centuries. Nevertheless, boom a pandemic brazen enough to tell everyone it does not play by the racialised rules placed in your "man-made" social structures. Surely the Coronavirus is giving you all the facts, and that is we are all humans, and no human is more superior than any other we all need toilet paper, and that's a fact. When we finally get over this mountain, it is time to lay down all swords and stop the inequality. If this virus does not teach us anything else, it should be that no one is exempt, and your wealth, race, or job status cannot save you when a virus is on the loose. While we are all still alive and working behind our devices, we need to be thankful grateful and respectful to each other. If we survive this, you can not go back to the old ways of living; you have got to change your thinking, your perspectives, how you view people, life and humanity. Across the globe right now, doctors and nurses are putting themselves at risk and exposing themselves to the virus daily, Black doctors, women, nurses, all racial backgrounds and religions putting in the work to save lives. While they do this daily, now it is even more severe. Many of us are now in a state of lockdown, and we do not know how long for, during this time, new habits must be formed. We need one another, and it should not take a pandemic for this reality to be known. So far 19,630 people have died from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of March 25, 2020, 12:26 GMT. By the time this blog is live, this number will have increased. In summary, if Covid-19 does not discriminate, then neither should you, so let us start by creating a better world.


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