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5 signs you need to consider your wellness in the workplace

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Working long hours takes its toll, and the workplace may regularly breed a stressful environment. Often many are facing discrimination, bullying or just a ridiculous workload. Dealing with this alone is not ideal, and the stress gradually builds. The chances are you cannot confide in your co-workers because office gossip is part of the company culture, and speaking to your boss may create discomfort. While this is not the case for everyone, it can be hard to discuss workplace issues with those in the workplace, because well the people in the workplace are kind of causing these issues. During my research on Black Women in the workplace, many of the women felt unable to speak about what they were experiencing and this increased their health issues. You can find out more about my research by keeping an eye on my events page where I will be posting future events about my research. Seeking professional coaching will give you the tools you need to overcome those workplace obstacles and the continual conversations with someone in your corner will provide you with the confidence you need to look the individuals in the eye and let them know, you deserve to be in your appointed role. So, here are five signs you need to consider professional coaching. 1. You are having sleep problems. Poor sleeping patterns are a sign of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and if you are getting less than 5 hours per night, your mind is troubled. If you find yourself waking up in the night or you are unable to have a full nights rest, something is troubling you, and this is disrupting your sleep. Poor sleeping is a sign you need to seek professional support regarding your concerns. 2. Frequent workplace conflict Consistently having trouble with the ones you work with may be a sign that you need to speak to a professional regarding your methods and conflict resolution abilities. Professional coaching will help you to discover new routines and ways of liaising with staff members to ensure better relationships. However, this isn't always easy sometimes certain people don't like you, and their reasons are unclear, but fear not there is a way to deal with this too. 3. Regular career changes If you find yourself changing jobs or careers regularly, this may be a sign that you are searching for something and you are using a constant career change to find it. Professional career coaching may help you discover the underlined root cause to your searching and may give you a new understanding on how to develop yourself in a way that is natural and healthy. 4. Distancing yourself from your colleagues If you find yourself avoiding your co-workers and not wanting to take part in activities, perhaps you need to find out why. Sometimes we want to keep our lives private, and we do not wish to engage in idle talk; however, as you spend most of your time at work, it is essential you develop the skills required to connect. What is it about them that makes you feel uncomfortable? 5. You have anxiety fears and excessive worry The constant feeling of uneasiness or making assumptions about an outcome is an awful feeling. By seeking a coach you can change your direction helping you gain a clear vision when managing difficult situations. Sign up to our sessions here and take your step to better wellbeing at work.


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